We are pleased to announce our new campaign

Healthy vision, makes school days better”.

This action is aimed at making children and parents aware of how important regular vision control is. Children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems face many barriers in life; academically, socially, and athletically.
Making an eye exam part your family’s back-to-school routine can help detect learning-related vision problems early on. An annual eye exam is a key to making sure your child is healthy from head to toe and ready to give school their best shot.
Vision, reading, and learning are intimately related, and kids who aren’t doing well in school may actually suffer from one or more learning-related vision problems.

Every kid needs solid vision skills. The qualified optometrist will determine if any of these basic ones are lacking. If they go undetected, a kid could struggle with simple tasks leading to eyestrain, headaches, and tiredness. Eye-chart-kids-exams1-300x274

That is why the main part of this action will be the free eye tests for school children in Cyprus. The test will be carried out by a qualified optometrist and will include the following elements:
1. Autorefractometer test (an automated computer vision test aims to determine the visual acuity by measuring the corneal curvature and the lens of the eye).
2. Chart projector, the child will be reading the numbers/letters.
3. Color test.
The exam will be conducted on school premises and will take approx.10 minutes for every child. The visual exam is a non-invasive and non-stressful procedure. This screening will allow finding out any common vision problems, especially myopia. The results of all the kids will be treated with secrecy and in the single envelopes delivered to the School Authorities and then to the Parents.

We also offer free meetings for parents and children to make them aware of the importance of eye defects in school-age children. During such interactive meetings, we discuss modern forms of treatment for visual problems, the effects of lifestyle on sight, and symptoms that should be alarming.

If your school is interested to join our campaign and obtain free eye screening for the students, please email us at info@msl-med.com or call us at 26955955/97873157

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